ATV Training

We will offer you our exclusive “Risk Management System” which is not offered anywhere else.

  • Legal requirements to operate a quad bike, Quad bike pre-use daily checks and serviceability issues;
  • Start-up and shut-down procedures;
  • Loading and unloading a quad bike from a trailer;
  • Hazard identification and safety margin awareness;
  • Obstacle recognition and negotiation;
  • Active riding skills;
  • Stability dynamics, Understanding tyres and the importance of correct inflation pressures;
  • Correct hill ascent and descent techniques, issues and limits;
  • Ground composition and contour recognition and riding techniques to ensure safety;
  • Traversing side slopes;
  • Water fording.

Training covers all of the above plus much more such as towing trailers, loads, emergency response.

We can also ad anything to the course which you require to cover.

On completion of the course we will issue a Certificate of Competency.


1 day course at your site or ours, minimum numbers apply, cost is unique to each course, please call or email.

Worksafe requires staff be adequately trained for their role, and also how to Eliminate, Isolate and manage risks, training is one of the best methods.