Our Staff

John Woodward
Managing Director/Head Driving Instructor

Driving qualifications: Class I, class 1,2,4,5,6,W,T,R,V,F,P,D - Qualified Instructor/Assessor

John has spent his whole life behind the wheel of something, from tractors as a kid to owing and driving big trucks from flat decks, tip trucks, log trucks and everything in between.

Serena and John previously owned a trucking company running truck and trailer units so know the industry and have an appreciation for the real world application.

John Spent 14 years in the New Zealand Police, including time spent as a member of the Diplomatic Protection Squad and Armed Offenders Squad, this provided John with the highest level of training possible in New Zealand from skid car work, system of car control through to security driving for VIP'S including precise car placement when lives depend on it.

John is a qualified adult trainer and has trained a number of people from members of the police through to people achieving their class 5 truck and trailer license, including reversing and gear box work.

John loves making people better than they were yesterday and will deliver training to you at your pace and makes sure it will stick, John does not believe in the one size fits all approach.

Serena Woodward
Managing Director/Admin Manager (The Boss)

Serena herself is an excellent driver and has had a very good career in the NZ Police also for 11years. During this time she was a frontline officer, often engaging in urgent duty driving so she knows what it is about.

Serena has an eye for detail and doesn’t let anything slip past her, she is brilliant with driving law and legislation so can offer advice where needed.

Serena handles the admin side of the operation but will lend a hand where needed with driving and has excellent advice to offer.