Pre Employment Testing

This is aimed at companies who are potentially employing someone into a driving role and want to be sure they are what they say they are, thus reducing your risk and covering your companies bases. Lets be honest there are steerer's and there are drivers, particularly in the trucking game.

This can be for all classes of license, for example a trucking company or someone providing an employee with a company car or ute.

We will take them out for a drive and provide a detailed report back to you.

This will cover their overall driving ability and strengths/weaknesses, and if it is a Truck driving position we will check their Log Book aptitude also.

This can be done as part of an individual pre-employment pre-requisite or if you have a short list of potential applicants. We can provide an impartial matrix points system for you.

Duration is 2 hours.


The price for the “Pre-Employment Training/Testing” on a case by case basis.